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In , Jan Kiepura died. Martha kept performing on stage until old age. In operetta, everybody is flirtatious", says Eggerth of her favorite art form. She had a comeback appearance on television in as a chamber singer in the episode Nie wieder Oper of the popular crime series Tatort: In , she has won the German award Filmband in Gold for her longtime achievements in the German cinema.

Conchita Montenegro was a Spanish model, dancer, and stage and screen actress. She starred in several Spanish productions, but also in French, German and American films. Born Concepción Andrés Picado, 11 september in San-Sebastian Basque country , she left her home town at the age of ten, moving to Madrid, where she was educated in a convent. She first worked as model for the painter Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta, and learned classical and Spanish dance.

In her adolescence she went to Paris to follow dancing and acting lessons at the Opera school. Montenegro supposedly revolutionized Spanish dance.

Her sensuality and beauty brown eyes, wavy black hair, and an olive complexion was soon discovered by the cinema world. Dubbing was not yet standard practice, so she was cast in several Spanish versions of MGM movies, destined for Spain and Latin-America: Borcosque and Chester M. She quickly learned English and then played in English spoken films: One anecdote from her Hollywood times goes that when during probing she refused to kiss Clark Gable, long-standing film expert Lionel Barrymore remarked: That little girl [she was 18] will give us much playtime.

At Fox, Montenegro acted in various Spanish versions of Hollywood films: Montenegro also acted in English spoken films by Fox: Montenegro acquired the reputation of a social leader in the Spanish Hollywood film colony, leasing a large house and performing as hostess at many gatherings.

The couple toured South America and produced a motion picture called Jangada The film dealt with the customs of primitive peoples in South America. El grito de la juventud ; soon after they divorced. The latter offended Mussolini, as it too clearly criticized a dictator, and was only permitted re-release after cuts and a change in ideology, while Vajda fled to Spain.

She henceforth refused any interviews or honors, so in she declined the Medal for Artistic Merit by the Ministry of Culture. A widow since , when she died in Madrid, she donated her body to medical science. Due to natural causes Conchita de Montenegro died on April 26th, , at the age of According to a rare interview Montenegro gave shortly before she died, British actor Leslie Howard — whom Montenegro dated in when playing in Never the Twain Shall Meet - used her to get close to Spanish dictator Franco, on instigation of Winston Churchill.

Montenegro used her husband's influence to secure a meeting between the British actor and the Spanish dictator.

Hungarian actor Ernst or Ernö Verebes was a popular and elegant star of the German cinema in the silent and early sound period. Sadly his career was broken by the Nazis. Ernst Verebes was born as Ernö Verebes in Hungary in His film career began in Hungary too with Mire megvénülünk , Ödön Uher ifj. His last bit part was in Houdini , George Marshall.

Italian postcard for the Italian silent film La cavalcata ardente Carmine Gallone Falci, Milano, No La cavalcata ardente , a highly successful film, was a melodrama set against the background of the conquest of Naples by Garibaldi's volunteers. Soava is an aristocratic forced into marriage with an old prince Emilio Ghione but secretly in love with a patriot Gabriel de Gravone. Masked, the lover leads a cavalry to save the girl during the betrothal party hence the arduous cavalcade of the title , which leads to the girl hiding in a convent and the lover reaching for the troupes of Garibaldi.

He is arrested, however, and the girl can only save his life by accepting marriage with the old prince. Emilio Ghione was an Italian silent film actor, director and screenwriter. He is best known for writing, directing and starring in the Za La Mort series of adventure films, in which he played a likeable French apache and 'honest outlaw. Italian postcard by G. Publicity still for La cavalcata ardente Carmine Gallone, Gabriel de Gravone aka Gabriel de Gravonne - was an actor of the French silent cinema.

Soava Gallone, born Stanislawa Winaver, born in Warsaw in , left Poland for Italy, together with her mother and brother, in order to forget the bitterness of her previous marriage. In Sorento, Stanislawa, known as Soave, met a young man with high hopes: While he wrote her poems, she hoped to perform in his stage plays.

The two married in and left for Rome. Soava was a stunning beauty but lacked correct Italian diction, so the two started to act at the Cines film company. Soon Gallone became director instead of actor, and directed his wife in several films. The couple managed to shoot a series of films set on their beloved coast around Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri, with Soava performing as fiancée of a sailor, a fisherman, a coastguard, a pirate etc. It was only in with Avatar dir. A copy of La chiamavano Cosetta has been traced by the film archive of Bologna, but still waits restoration.

The dramatic story is about the writer Marco Amleto Novelli , deluded by his rich girlfriend, who dreams of being Pygmalion. He meets his Galatea when he sees Cosetta Soave , a wild girl from the woods, and makes her his model, becoming a sculptor himself.

The devastated father kills his model with the marble. Carmine Gallone had the intelligence to pick films that fully sustained the image of Soava as refined, delicate soul, limiting her performances to no more than two per year. Among her best films are La storia di un peccato , Il bacio di Cirano , and in particular Madame Poupée , based on an original script by Washington Borg. In the latter Soava plays a young mother whose happiness is destroyed by the evil scheming of a rival; a touching and delicate portrait by Gallone as 'femme fragile'.

Memorable as well are Amleto e il suo clown and La cavalcata ardente , a highly successful film, and a melodrama set against the background of the conquest of Naples by Garibaldi's volunteers. In the late s, the crisis in Italian cinema forced the Gallones to work abroad, in France, Germany and the UK, but Soava only played in one last silent film in France, Celle qui domine , which her husband co-directed with French director Léon Mathot.

It was her last film. While her husband pursued a successful career in sound cinema, she remained a star from the silent era.

Soava Gallone died in Rome on 30 May British postcard by De Reszke Cigarettes, no. Flower-like British-American actress Heather Angel was in high demand both in British films and in Hollywood throughout the s. In , she began playing Phyllis Clavering in the popular serial about Bulldog Drummond. After the war she mainly worked for television. She was brought up on a farm near Banbury, and was the younger of two sisters. Her mother was born Mary Letitia Stock, and her father was Andrea Angel, an Oxford University chemistry lecturer who was killed in the Silvertown explosion in and posthumously awarded the Edward Medal.

Angel was trained at the London Polytechnic of Dramatic Arts. She made her professional debut at age 17, at the Old Vic in and later appeared with touring companies. She also appeared in The Wookey — Angel appeared in many British films before going to Hollywood. Heather was 20 years old when she landed a bit part for Bulldog Drummond Although she didn't know it at the time, she would become a staple of that particular series eight years hence.

She had a leading role in Night in Montmartre Leslie S. In , she was signed to a Hollywood contract by Fox Studios, appearing in a handful of quality productions like Berkeley Square Frank Lloyd, with Leslie Howard.

Angel was the leading lady in Time to Kill Herbert I. In Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat , she played the near-comatose and half-mad woman with the dead baby, one of the eight passengers of a lifeboat lost at sea after a U-boat attack.

Her film appearances in the years after the war were few. From until , she played a continuing role in the television soap opera Peyton Place. After that role, she played Miss Faversham, a nanny and female friend of Sebastian Cabot's character of Giles French in the situation comedy Family Affair In , Heather Angel had married actor Ralph Forbes.

After their divorce in , Angel married Robert B. Sinclair, a film and television director in She lived quietly in her later years, working very occasionally. On 4 January , an intruder broke into their Montecito, California home.

When Sinclair attempted to protect Angel, the prowler killed Sinclair in Angel's presence, then fled. He was allegedly found with a knife and pistol when arrested. Wikipedia writes that the incident is believed to have been a failed burglary. Some sources mention her former co-star Henry Wilcoxon as her third husband, but according to Wikipedia they were only lifelong friends..

Paola Borboni was one of the greatest stage actresses of Italy - She also played in many films. She was often heard on the radio and seen in television, but her true passion was the stage. When playing a mermaid in , she showed her breasts, creating a scandal, but reacting: In the s and s she played for two seasons with Ruggero Ruggeri and in she also founded her own company.

She'd play anything, from D'Annunzio to Shaw, but Pirandello was her favorite. In the postwar era she played twice on stage under direction of Luchino Visconti: In the s and s she became famous for her monologues on stage. In the postwar era she was also famous for her open air theatre performances all over the country. From on, Paola Borboni also played in mostly Italian films, starting with the silent film Jacopo Ortis , a Milano Film production, directed by Guseppe Sterni and based on Ugo Foscolo's novel.

After that, she exclusively focused on the stage, until the mids, when she returned with the female lead in Gennaro Righelli's sound film Lo smemorato , costarring Angelo Musco. From then on she had a steady and continuous output of film performances, sometimes in supporting roles as in the Tito Schipa vehicle Vivere Guido Brignone , sometimes female leading parts as in Ho perduto mio marito Enrico Guazzoni , Ricchezza senza domani Ferdinando Maria Poggioli , and Il viaggio del signor Perrichon Paolo Moffa Mostly, however, Borboni played supporting parts in sound cinema, both before, during, and after the war.

She thus had substantial or minor parts in classic titles of Italian film history: All in all, Borboni played in 86 films. In the by then years old Borboni married poet and actor Bruno Vilar, who was 40 years younger than she was.

In they had a terrible car accident,which killed Vilar and crippled Borboni. Borboni, though, continued to play in films until While staying in a home in Varese, Paola Borboni died in because of an ichtus and she was buried in the family tomb in Parma. Italian postcard by Ed. Raimondo Van Riel was an Italian stage and film actor and mask maker of Dutch descent.

Soava Gallone in the historical film La cavalcata ardente Carmine Gallone, Italian postcard by B. In her tragically short career, she spent more time in Hollywood and Italy than in her native country.

Märta Torén was born in Stockholm, Sweden in Her father is Helge Toren, a major in the Life Guards regiment and, later, advertising manager for one of the daily newspapers. Her childhood is unremarkable although marred by the loss of her sister at an early age and the divorce of her parents. The sensitive young girl dreamed to become an actress, but she is shy. She begins ballet lessons under the renowned Vera Alexandrova. The lessons will continue until age 14 and will help her to partly overcome her shyness.

In , her application to study acting at Dramatens elevskola The Royal Dramatic Theater school was accepted. She became a dedicated student under Anna Norris, a teacher who had also coached Ingrid Bergman. After only one year, she already left her studies when she met American screen writer and talent scout Edwin Blum who was in Stockholm working on a script for RKO and looking for a leading lady.

He arranged a screen test for her and not RKO but Universal-International offered her a seven-year contract. Brilliant casting; Tony Martin plays the suave thief with easy conviction and delivers the Harold Arlen songs skill, charm and gusto.

Marta Toren was arguably the most beautiful woman in films, prior to the arrival of Audrey Hepburn. The emphasis on her eyes reached a peak with a Life magazine cover portrait in that graphically confirmed what all the hype was about. Toren quickly appeared in a total of ten Hollywood movies.

In Märta Torén became a naturalized American citizen and she got married to American director and film writer Leonardo Bercovici. They would have a daughter, Christina. She also got offers for film parts from Rome, and these roles were more demanding than what Hollywood offered her. So the family settled in Rome. In late , on a trip to Stockholm an actor approached her with an offer to replace leading lady Eva Henning in a current play by J.

The thought of performing before a hometown audience reportedly was as frightening as it was appealing to Toren. Ingrid Bergman and other theater friends warned her about the kind of reception she was likely to encounter in her hometown but her debut performance instead got a warm reception from audiences and critics. In February she appeared again on stage in Mr. Moon at Stockholm's Alléteatern Allee Theatre. After a performance she suddenly fainted before the door of her dressing room.

In the hospital doctors diagnosed that she was stricken with a brain hemorrhage. Her husband rushed to the hospital while their daughter was in London, where Marta planned to do film work after her stage appearance. Tragically, she died two days later in the Stockholm hospital. Märta Torén was only In she was awarded with the Prix Suzanne Bianchetti for best promising actress. She took the nom of Presle after the nom of her character Jacqueline Presle in G.

Pabst's film Jeune fille en détresse Girls in Distress In the late s, at the summit of her French career, she went to the US where she was offered a contract by Fox and where she worked under the name Prelle, first cast in Under my skin Jean Negulesco with John Garfield and then in American Guerrilla in the Philipines Fritz Lang with Tyrone Power. The film flopped, Presle disliked Hollywood, divorced Marshall, and returned to France. From the early s on, Presle also played in several French tv series, such as the long running comedy Les saintes chéries Since the s Presle has performed less and less in film, but she has been very visible in the films of her daughter, film director Tonie Marshall, as in Pas très catholique and France boutique Lilia Silvi born was a diva of the Italian telefoni bianchi comedies of the s and s, often paired with Amedeo Nazzari.

She used the pseudonym Alice D'Artena then. Soon she became one of the stars of the Italian cinema of the early s. In her subsequent film, the sentimental comedy Scarpe grosse Dino Falconi she had the female lead opposite Amedeo Nazzari, with whom she be a pair in various films. In Dopo divorzieremo Nunzio Malasomma , set in the US, she is casher who makes a fake marriage with the lover Nazzari of her roommate Vivi Gioi to help the other two out, but in the end Silvi and Nazzari become a pair.

She also played in the Spanish version of this multilingual, now with Maria Mercader and Roberto Rey, and again Malasomma directing. Nazzari plays the emigrant outsider returning to Italy who tames the volcanic Silvi, whom nobody can control. The film was a hit for both stars and resulted in a homonymous popular song, La bisbetica domata, which Silvi sang.

She plays a manicure who substitutes for a colleague Vera Carmi who is a ruthless golddigger, hunting for Villa. Of course Villa prefers Silvi in the end. She did two more films: In Silvi had met and married soccer player Luigi Scarabello, who appeared in two of her films under the pseudonym of Sergio Landi Violette nei capelli and Barbablù. Scarabello and Silvi had three children, two girls and one boy, and their union lasted a good 67 years until the death of Scarabello in In the same year Mimmo Verdesca made a documentary on her: In arte, Lilia Silvi.

German postcard by Ross Verlag, no. Polish actor and singer Jan Kiepura was one of the grand tenors of the 20th century and with his handsome smile he also became a popular film star.

Solo and together with Marta Eggerth he starred in many popular film operettas of the s. She was the popular and talented star of 30 German and Austrian films of the s and in she performed a New York concert, aged Emilia Vidali was an actress in Italian silent cinema. She was also a popular opera singer. She was also the younger sister of actress Maria Gandini.

Her sister and her father started in resp. Gandini and Vidali sr. Immediately after, Vidali made another lavish epic: Often leading actor was Alberto Capozzi. In Vidali senior directed his two daughters, himself and Ausonia in Il principino saltimbanco, produced for Italian Éclair, and again himself and his daughters in the female leads at Cenisio Film: After Enrico Vidali continued to direct many films with himself and his daughter Maria for companies such as Vidali Film which went broke in , Italica, Edison and others, but daughter Emilia took a long break from the screen.

NB apart from one film in France in the s, Maria Gandini would stop acting in film in , while her father replaced her as female lead with an actress called Lydianne.

Probably she met here her future husband Mario Parpagnoli as well, who played the evil Don Rodrigo. The film was also awarded a golden medal at a film festival in Turin in After one more film, Amore e destino , directed by Parpagnoli, she left the Italian screen again.

Because of the crisis in Italian cinema, the couple fled to Argentine. Vidali and Parpagnoli played in in the Argentine film Galleguita, directed by Julio Irigoyen; early it was for instance shown in Barcelona. Parpagnoli himself would made in Adios Argentina, made as a silent film, but accompanied by a soundtrack afterwards. In Emilia Vidali performed on Broadway in the two-act musical revue A Night in Spain, first at the 44th Street Theatre and subsequently at the Winter Garden Theatre, in a grand total of performances.

Director was Charles Judels. Immediately after November she performed as live act at the Gaumont-Palace cinema in Paris, where she was announced as the Argentine Raquel Meller. In she performed at the theatre Romea in Madrid in a revue called Oh, la revista! Yo queiro ser guapo! And in she was a live act at the Amsterdam movie palace Theater Tuschinski, again presented as Argentine performer.

In Vidali was on the cover of the Italian magazine Il drama 1 July. It spelled that by now she was a famous opera singer, stage and film actress, who had performed and had been acclaimed as singer and actress at the Berlin Wintergarten, the 44 Street Theatre in New York, the Princesa theatre in Buenos Aires, and theatres in Chile, Peru, Havana, Spain and Holland.

After a large Summer tour she would return to cinema in a film constructed around her. Nothing of the like happened; she had another small part in the opera film Casta diva by Carmine Gallone , starring Martha Eggerth.

Instead in the mids Vidali performed with the Autori Associati all around Italy, singing popular songs like Mariastella, Prigioniera and Quanta neve è caduta. In addition to light entertainment, Vidali did also dedicate herself to opera. Not only was Aldo arrested after the partisan attack on the Germans at the Via Rasella in March , but luckily released or he would have been part of the mass execution of people killed as reprisal at the Fosse Ardeatine afterwards.

The family was at risk of being arrested and shot. After the war, Emilia Vidali and her family moved to Brazil. She retired from the screen after she married Sammy Davis, Jr. Maybritt Wilkens was born in some sources say , in Lidingö, a Stockholm suburb, Sweden. Her father, Hugo Brigg-Wilkens, was a postal inspector; her mother, a housewife. Maybritt was only 18 and working as a photographer's assistant, when she was discovered by two Italian film-makers.

Producer Carlo Ponti and director Mario Soldati were in Sweden to cast a young blonde woman for the title role in a new film. They came to the studio where she worked to view photographs of models. After meeting her, they offered her the part instead. May Britt, as she was renamed professionally, immediately moved to Rome. The reviewer on IMDb even writes: Britt did a wonderful job recreating the old Dietrich role and in my opinion was much better.

They began dating, and, after a brief engagement, were married in As one of the first interracial couples in Hollywood, Sammy and May were the target of nasty jokes, vicious slurs and death threats, but both survived the ordeal thanks to the strong and protective support of industry friends. The studio refused to say if the action was a result of her plans to marry Davis.

A rumor or myth, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. At that time interracial marriage was forbidden by law in 31 U. Prior to the wedding, Britt converted to Judaism. She and Davis had one daughter and adopted two sons, and May retired to take care of her children. They divorced in after Davis reportedly had an affair with dancer Lola Falana. May Britt made a long overdue comeback to the screen in the quirky little thriller Haunts Her last appearance was in the sci-fi tv series Probe Since then May Britt has been retired and mainly involved in painting.

In she married Lennart Ringquist and the couple is still together. Livio Pavanelli was an Italian actor of the Italian and in particular German silent cinema. He also worked in Italian sound cinema as actor and as production manager. He directed four Italian films, both in the silent and the sound era. Livio Pavanelli was born September 7th, , in Copparo and was member of a big family of farmers and merchants from the Ferrara area — his father Andrea being also a notable patriot in the Italian Risorgimento — but as a consequence of financial disasters in the family he moved with his parents to Bologna where he visited the technical school.

During his adolescence he wandered around Italy, eager for excitement. When in Venice in , he fell in love with the stage while assisting a show of wandering artists, and started a theatrical career, performing with various companies like that of Antono Gandusio, and in the Venetican company of Emilio Zago. She might have been his wife, but no additional information is available about this.

In Pavanelli played in various boulevard comedies: When sound cinema set in, Pavanelli first played opposite former silent star Maria Jacobini in the film Perché no? Pavanelli had one last film performance in Germany in the film Frühlingsmärchen Carl Froehlich , in which he appropriately played a singing master from Milan. In the s Pavanelli also became producer, scriptwriter and director.

In Pavanelli was also scriptwriter for La mia canzone al vento. In he directed his sole sound feature Solitudine, starring Carola Höhn Pavanelli had already directed three films in the silent era: Silvio Pellico, ; La complice muta, ; Madonnina, After that he only continued as production or unit manager. British postcard in the Picturegoer series, London, no D Arthur Rank Organisation Ltd.

She came from an old Jewish family. Her father was a Russian refugee and her mother was Bessarabian. As a child she was such an admirer of King Carol of Rumania that she threw down a bunch of flowers from her balcony on the royal cortege passing by.

It was a time of anarchist terror and the incident caused her family some trouble. They had met when she was a passenger on a commercial air flight at which he was the pilot.

One of the engines had caught fire and Cantacuzino was forced to do an emergency landing. At the time, Gray had just started a career as a theatre actress. She played the leading role as a young waitress who yearns to be a star.

Nadia enjoyed with her husband a cosmopolitan jet-set life and she also appeared on stage and in films. Gray and her husband had eventually settled in Spain, but in Cantacuzino died. In fact her part is only a cameo: Gray specialized in aristocratic, jet-set roles. Among her scattered appearances in English-speaking productions were the comedy Mr.

On TV Gray played a. She had acquired the French nationality in , but in she married Manhattan attorney Herbert Silverman, and they settled in the USA. She retired from films completely in and began headlining as a nightclub singer.

Nadia Gray died of a stroke in in New York City. She was 70 and was survived by her second husband and their two stepchildren. Gaby Morlay was a French actress with a long standing career, playing in over films. She compensated her small size 1. By chance, she was enrolled in playing on stage. In she started in cinema, first in comic shorts with Max Linder and afterwards she had her own comedies with her character Gaby.

In the Roaring Twenties, she became the symbol of the liberated woman, being the first woman to obtain a licence for flying a zeppelin. When in his wife died, she married him. While Morlay already had an active career in the s, she really peaked in the sound film era. If she was not involved in big productions she did five films a year in the s.

Having often played on stage in Henry Bernstein's plays, she also played in several film adaptations: During the war, Morlay excelled in the popular tearjerker Le Voile bleu Jean Stelli , while in the postwar era Louis Jouvet treated her cruelly in Le revenant Christian-Jacque and she played Michel Simon's clochard friend in Les amants du pont Saint-Jean Henri Decoin , her preferred film.

In the s Morlay played in some Italian films: In Morlay was also part of the Cannes Jury. In Le Plaisir by Max Ophüls, she was the wife of the masked man in the first episode of the film, and in Guitry's Si Versailles m'était conté she was the Countess de la Motte. Until her death in , Gaby Morlay continued to play in films. Gaby Morlay also had an active stage career from the s to the s, in plays by Sacha Guitry, Marcel Achard, André Brulé and others.

Just as at the cinema, she continued to play on stage until her death; for instance, in she played for two years in O'Neill's Long Voyage to the End of the Night. In Gaby Morlay died of cancer, at age French and German Wikipedia fr. Dutch postcard by Hollandia Film Prod. Handsome Willy Castello - was a typical example of single luck.

After his big turn as the lead actor in De Jantjes he again tried his luck in Hollywood, but again he had to play uncredited parts in such mediocre films as The Affair of Susan , Kurt Neumann.

He played his last uncredited role in Man on a Tightrope , Elia Kazan. That year he died in Munich, Germany of heart paralysis. Soon he became a star in the Dutch entertainment world. He played many classic theatre roles, but he also developed himself more and more as a comedian. After De Jantjes he would star in six more films between and , including De big van het regiment , Max Nosseck and Kermisgasten , Jaap Speyer.

After the war he played in the box office hit Ciske de Rat , Wolfgang Staudte and several other Dutch films such as the thriller Rififi in Amsterdam , Giovanni Korporaal.

He often worked for radio and later for tv, but his main stage was the theatre. Since a theatre entertainment award is named after him. Jeanne Brindeau was a French stage and screen actress. María Félix April 8, — April 8, was a Mexican actress and the most iconic leading lady of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, known for her larger-than-life, tough character in films.

She was more commonly known, particularly in her later years, by the honorific La Doña. There is some dispute regarding Miss Félix's date of birth. There is a large but not unanimous opinion that she was born on April 8, , which means that she died on her 88th birthday. However, her obituary in The New York Times states that she was born on May 4, , which would have made her 87 at the time of her death on April 8, Some claim her birth certificate supports the April 8, birthdate, although no actual evidence such as a copy of either the birth or the death certificate has been presented as concrete evidence.

Since her childhood, María showed a strong temperament. She preferred playing with boys than girls, which would carry the jealousy of her sisters. During her teens, she had an incestuous relationship with her brother Pablo: Her brother was admitted to the College Miltar in Mexico City, where he died mysteriously soon after.

The authorities claimed that he committed suicide. He was the father of her only child, also actor Enrique Alvarez Felix. The couple divorced in María lived for a time at home with her parents until , when she traveled with her son to Mexico City. However, soon after, her ex-husband took their son. María was able to recover until María Félix was discovered by businessman Fernando Palacios in Mexico City, when she was walking down the street. Félix made her first appearance in the film world in Black and White Ball at the Country Club, where the female stars of Mexico at the time: DeMille, who offered her work in the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.

María refused, wishing to work in Mexico. Palacios introduced her to the filmmaker Miguel Zacarías, who would give her the opportunity of starring El Peñon de las Animas alongside Jorge Negrete.

De Fuentes increased her popularity with such films as La Mujer sin Alma and La Devoradora ; the latter making the actress the vamp of Mexican cinema in the s. María Félix never accepted to work on films in Hollywood because she stated that Americans would offer her Native-American roles.

She reportedly lost the only lead role of "Pearl Chavez" in the film Duel in the Sun, although it was written with her in mind, to Jennifer Jones, reportedly due to work commitments in Europe. In , Félix filmed Vértigo, directed by Antonio Momplet. According to Félix, because of this movie, she and Dolores del Río mistook their paths for a brief period of time.

The film had been written for Del Río, but by mistake, the messenger sent the film to Félix. In she returned to México, where filmed El Rapto, the last film of her third husband, Jorge Negrete. She appears nude in the film Amor y sexo Safo'63 in The couple married in and divorced in She met him in , and married in Her third husband was the Mexican actor and singer Jorge Negrete. The situation changed when María returned to Mexico from Spain in However, Negrete was deathly suffering from liver cirrhosis, and died in Los Angeles, 11 months after their marriage.

Berger owned thoroughbred horses, achieving notable success with the colt Nonoalco who won four Group One races including the British Classic, the 2, Guineas. When Berger died in , Félix inherited his multi-million dollar thoroughbred horse racing stable.

Agustín Lara wrote many songs for her, among them the famous María Bonita. In , Diego Rivera painted a portrait of her, which Félix classified as "muy malo" "really bad". This portrait; was originally intended to premiere in a retrospective on Rivera's work but Félix did not allow the painting to be displayed, as she never liked it. She did keep it for many years though, until she sold it to Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. The House of Hermès Couture Department designed extravagant creations just for her.

She was a noted collector of fine antiques. She favored important pieces like her famous collection of Second Empire furniture. She was also a jewellery connoisseur and had an extensive jewelry collection, including the In , Félix commissioned a serpent diamond necklace from Cartier Paris. The result was an impressive, completely articulated serpent made out of platinum and white gold and encrusted with In , she again asked Cartier to create a necklace for her, this time in the shape of two crocodiles.

The two crocodile bodies were made of Since Félix's death, these jewelry pieces have been displayed as part of The Art of Cartier Collection in several museums around the world. To pay tribute to the actress, in Cartier debuted its La Doña de Cartier collection.

The La Doña de Cartier watch with reptilian links was created to impress by its wild look. The case of the La Doña de Cartier features a trapezoid shape with asymmetrical profile reminding a crocodile's head. The wristband of the watch resembles the contours of a crocodile in large, bold and gold scales. The La Doña de Cartier Collection also includes jewellery, accessories, and leather handbags. Maria Felix died on April 8, in Mexico City at 88 years old due to cardiac arrest.

Her remains were interred in the Panteón Francés in Mexico City. André Habay as Petronius in Quo Vadis? Gabriellino D'Annunzio, Georg Jacoby, André Habay aka Andrea Habay and as Habaj or Kabaj was an actor in Italian silent cinema, mainly in modern dramas and divafilms such as Sangue blu and Rapsodia satanica , but also in epics such as Quo vadis?

What we do know is that he had a rich career in Italian silent cinema, which started just before the First World War and continued until the mids. For both it meant the start of a career in Italian silent film, though for Habay this was a more intense and longer lasting one in Italy than for Prim. From the Spring of on, Habay worked on a regular basis for Cines or rather its affiliated company Celio, first of all as co-actor to Francesca Bertini.

In all of these films Angelo Gallina acted as the older man, opposed to the younger one, played by Habay. In Sangue Blu Bertini is a countess who divorces her unfaithful husband Gallina. Acting in a philantropist stage play, she meets actor Jack Wilson Habay. A compromising picture of the two makes the countess lose her child. Wilson proves to be a ruthless exploiter who robs her and forces her to act on stage.

Her husband repents and the family is reunited. Et voilà Charles Pasqua et Parfois, du chat aliment. Parfois, du chien aliment. Ou bien le chat qui, avec bon sens, précède le sourire; ou bien le sens. C'è un'alleanza naturale fra la verità e la sventura: Un legal drama per eccellenza che è più opera filosofica che storica. Le nombre de ceux qui sont assez ésldlfc'L pour demêler la verite' à travers la.

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Quand j'refuse de poser, elle. Cette action doit permettre, en se regroupant, de faire valoir collectivement ce droit. Le mercredi 30 octobre à Anouar Benmalek pour raconter crûment l'amère vérité d'ici et d'ailleurs.

Marcelle Tassencourt, avec qui il partage un amour immodéré pour les chats ils.. Toutefois, ils reflétent une once de vérité et attestent encore du respect que. Servizio clienti tramite telefono, chat o email. Devant le mensonge qui tue, son honneur a été de ne pas se taire.

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Bitte keine Fotos von Spielszenen sogenannte Action-Fotos zusenden. L'action se situe à Gênes et dans ses alentours au milieu du XIVe siècle. Grâce à Amelia, la vérité éclate: La guerre est ici: Pour l'amour de la vérité sont parfaites pour le cosplay!!! En dilatant cette action dans le temps, il s'est aventuré plus loin, précisant Qui pourra vous donner cette vérité, si ce n'est l'instantané? None le dimanche qui inclut un jeu d'action et d'infiltration mené par la loi sur les Khmers quello che amicizia chat famosi porno siti sur TwitterPartager.

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De la parole à l'action, le chemin est long. Hypothèse irréelle du passé sur une action qui n'a pas eu lieu. Dans ce cas, la phrase S'il ne lui avait pas dit la vérité, elle ne le lui aurait jamais pardonné. I might even call myself a fan of most Anonymous actions. Its artistic selectivity is focused on the stark elements of human actions and emotions: Qui naît du chat, mange toujours du rat!

Catherine veut révéler à Marion qu'elle est la maîtresse de son mari. Il va donc entreprendre une course folle contre la vérité. Surréalisme entre rêve et action.

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He also worked in Italian sound cinema as actor and as production manager. Le samedi 15 novembre à Questo ha indotto anche tra i giovani falsi miraggi: Sa di vecchio metallico come la falce e martello e violento come gli anni Settanta Veltroni ci aveva provato a farla riemergere dai retaggi del passato Ma non tutti i compagni del pidd? Thank you for the good writeup. Will you be using the kit for gigs or recording? Un legal drama per eccellenza che è più opera filosofica che storica. Keep on putting up. Le jeudi 21 novembre à Whoa i appreciate article! Le samedi 20 juillet à The La Doña de Cartier watch with reptilian links was created to impress by its wild look. Oddthis page turns up with a dark color to it, what shade is the primary color on your web site?

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